The best time to see the Great Migration each month

There is no single time of year to see the Great Migration since it is an eternal annual cycle from place to place, year in and year out.  However, depending on either the aspect of the Great Migration you want to witness (such as river crossings), or the time of year that you prefer to travel, your safari can be tailored to give you the best chance of seeing what you desire. The Great Migration can be summarized in this way as having these four seasons.

Alternatively, you can learn more about when to travel via through this month-by-month breakdown of the Great Migration.

Whether the great herds are calving in the south or on the move north in search of greener pastures – and then back again – there is a huge variety of astounding scenes unfolding before you

You can see the Great Migration at any time of year. It is possible to look at historic migration patterns to predict where the herds will be at a particular time, but ultimately these are wild animals and the annual rainfall they rely on to stimulate grass growth is becoming more unpredictable. Asilia’s camp lie all along the migration route, proving our guests with the best opportunity to see the migration up close when on safari.

January to March: calving season | April to mid-June: the trek north | Mid-June to November: river crossings | December: calving begins

Seasons of the Great Migration